Taylor Swift Debuts Bleached Blonde Hair For Coachella


Taylor Swift has seriously been shaking up her look this year. First, she debuted a sleek new bob at the Grammy Awards in February. Then, she posed for Vogue‘s May cover with her tresses bleached platinum blonde. That look seemed just for the photoshoot, though, as her recent outings proved she still had her golden locks. But today, it seems Tay’s officially committed to the edgy look.

After posting a series of images from her Vogue shoot on Instagram, Swift posted a current snap this afternoon with the simple caption: “BLEACHELLA.” And, yes, it looks like she’s actually bleached her hair for real. See for yourself:


It’s like a whole new Taylor—except she’s still rocking that red lip classic thing that we like. Her new look is perfect for the Coachella music festival, which starts today in Indio Valley, California. Her bae Calvin Harris is headlining. That hair, those shades, that cool jacket—is this a whole new Taylor Swift? We can’t wait to see.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Debuts Bleached Blonde Hair For Coachella

    1. I don’t think it looks bad but it is such a drastic change it makes me wonder if maybe this move is to look more the girls and friends of her new bf or maybe that’s been her style all along but she didn’t do it because of her record company


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